• Aqua Rain Water Filter

    The AquaRain gravity feed water filter is American made. If you want to buy American and if you want to buy the absolute best filter, an AquaRain is the one for you. Convenient. High performance materials. Superior water quality and safety. Great price. Once you own your own gravity feed water filter, you have the most important tool in your emergency preparedness kit.

  • The Top Performing Filters

    Made in small batches and individually tested twice before they leave the factory, unlike the competition. Modern, patented ceramic extrusion technology. This results in an extremely uniform surface that can be accurately measured to determine wall thickness and when the filters need to be replaced. Filters can be cleaned and reused up to 200 times. Extremely accurate end-of-life gauge for filter replacement is included.

  • Quality Construction

    Solid, one piece stainless steel construction, no cracks or holes for bacteria to hide like other manufacturers. 3 gallon capacity. Large, easy to grip handles. Unique splash shield prevents any water from spilling down the sides and accidentally getting into the area that contains the filtered water.

  • Convenience

    Gravity does all the work. No chemicals or pressure required. No electricity needed and it does not need to be hooked into your plumbing. Just pour any water in the top and clean water comes out the convenient spigot at the bottom, filtered and ready to drink. Easy enough for children to use. Fill up at night and the water will be filtered in the morning.

Aqua Rain

Aqua Rain 402

This is the water filter for the small to medium family. 3 gallon canister with two filters.

Produces up to 12 gallons per day.

Aqua Rain 404

This is the water filter for larger families 3 gallon canister has four filters.

Produces up to 24 gallons per day.


Save money when you buy the AquaRain along with an extra set of replacement filters.

Save when you bundle!

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Just had to tell you people how much we appreciate you. The filters I ordered for our AquaRain came so quickly. Thank you so much. My neighbor is convinced that her health has improved since she is now drinking water from her AquaRain. We all love our water!

MW from Windom, Texas

The water from my AquaRain tastes just like the sweet, spring water I used to drink when I was a kid. I love it…thanks again.

CG from Bakersfield, California