AquaRain Gravity Water Filters

Use ANY Water Source: Lakes, Streams, Ponds, Rivers, Springs, Cisterns, Swimming Pools


  • Gravity Does All The Work
  • Large, Easy to Grip Handles and Splash Shield
  • For Added Safety No Chemicals or Pressure Required
  • 3 Gallon Capacity
  • End-of-Life Gauges For Filter Replacement
  • Solid, One Piece Stainless Steel Construction
  • Modern, Patented Ceramic Extrusion Technology
  • Filters Can Be Cleaned and Reused Up To 200 Times
  • Made in America
Aqua Rain

The AquaRain water filter uses patented space-age ceramic technology to remove dangerous living organisms and harmful bacteria from your drinking water naturally.

The AquaRain water filter accomplishes this through the use of micro filtration and gravity.

A dense and highly absorptive activated carbon filter bed has been incorporated within the ceramic shell of the AquaRain water filter and sterile metallic silver is added to maintain purity in the filter system.

AquaRain gravity water filterThe AquaRain water filter is housed in an attractive super-sanitary stainless steel housing that is press-formed without seams or welds and has easy lift handles. A unique “splash guard” system insures safe drinking water in daily operation. As you pour unfiltered water into the AquaRain water filter, the splash guard prevents any water from spilling down the sides and accidentally getting into the area that contains the filtered water.

At the heart of AquaRain’s natural process micro-filter are patented high-tech ceramic filter elements specifically designed for the AquaRain system. The state-of-the-art ceramic elements filter water in a very natural way, using gravity to gently draw water down through AquaRain’s cultured ceramic stone in much the same manner as nature processes ground water through the earth.

The micro fine pore structure of AquaRain’s ceramic media will remove dangerous organisms such as protozoan cysts (Cryptosporidium, Giardia lamblia) and microscopic bacteria (E. coli, Salmonella typhimurium, etc.).

The AquaRain Natural Water Filter is manufactured to meet stringent NSF standards and fully achieves the USEPA requirements of a Cyst and Bacteria Water Purifier

Enclosed within the hard ceramic shell AquaRain has incorporated a concentrated bed of Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) that contains a self-sterilizing metallic silver. The silvered GAC bed will absorb various organic chemicals such as MTBE and pesticides, remove chlorine compounds including carcinogenic halogens.

The AquaRain water filter will improve the taste and odor of your water.

To the benefit of your good health, The AquaRain Water Filter system will also leave unchanged the naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals in your filtered water.

The AquaRain water filter is not only the best at filtering water, it is also very cost effective. The AquaRain water filter can produce quality drinking water for less than 2 cents per gallon. This fact should dispel any last shreds of hesitancy regarding the decision to acquire the AquaRain water filter. There is simply no reason not to get an AquaRain.

Best of all, the AquaRain Water Filter is made with loving care right here in the USA with American Innovation and American Technology!

  • The AquaRain gravity water filter system is easy to use, requires no electricity, and does not need to be hooked into your plumbing.
  • The AquaRain water filter will remove chlorine as well as other chemicals.
  • The AquaRain water filter removes dangerous biological pathogens.
  • The AquaRain water filter produces quality drinking water for less than 2 cents per gallon.

Reduces & Removes:

Bacteria, Cysts, Chlorine, Tastes, Odors, Pesticides, Organic Chemicals

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Aqua Rain 402

This is the water filter for the small to medium family. 3 gallon canister with two filters.

Produces up to 12 gallons per day.

Aqua Rain 404

This is the water filter for larger families 3 gallon canister has four filters.

Produces up to 24 gallons per day.

Combo Deals

Aqua Rain 402 Combo

The 402 plus an additional 2 replacement filters

You save $10

Aqua Rain 404 Combo

The 404 plus an additional 4 replacement filters

You save $10

Replacement Filters

2 Aqua Rain Filters

2 replacement filters

4 Aqua Rain Filters

4 replacement filters